Music for the Heart and Soul

Our goal is to make music available for men and  women while they undergo treatment for their life treating disease to help create a relaxing, stress-free environment and promote a healthy healing experience.

Through Ellen’s Heart and Soul’s Media Player patients can listen to all different types of relaxing, stress-free and healing music.

Each Month Ellen’s Heart and Soul will release new tracks from artist, composers, and musicians donated to help fight cancer with the power of music.

Our Healing Relaxation tracks have been donated by Dr. Harry Henshaw.  Synergy and deep are just two of many offered on Dr. Harry Henshaw and Enhanced Healing have  created a special fund raising campaign for the Meals for the Heart and Soul program,to help raise money for this very important program. With this special fund raising effort, 50 percent of the revenue received from the sale of Enhanced Healing’s relaxation music, healing music, sleep music, positive affirmation and hypnotherapy recordings from its website will be donated to Ellen’s Heart and Soul organization so that they can help provide organic food to low income cancer patients and their families.

In addition to the use of relaxation music, positive affirmations can be a very powerful aid to enhance and strengthen the healing process.  By listening to positive affirmations that have been specially designed to promote health and well being, a person can begin to use his or her thinking to heal their body.  The positive affirmations on this recording will help to support a person’s efforts to restore their physical health.

Our First Dj  Track has been donated by Viceroy, a up and coming Dj and Producer who wishes to help patients battling cancer through his creative talents.

” I have always considered myself lucky to be able to share the music I love with those around me. The energy we share from our enjoyment of music is a common bond linking people from all walks of life. I’ve personally seen many of my loved ones battle cancer, and although I often feel like there’s little I can do to help, nothing brings me more joy than to hear my music has brightened up people’s day.” – Viceroy

Our Second Dj Track Has been donated by SkyDrop Along with being a world renowned Jose Miguel Diaz Perez better know at SkyDrop He is currently producing his original songs and after he signed with various record labels around the world, founded his own record label known as Borinken House in which genres work as Minimal, Deep House, Tech House, Progressive House, House, Electro, Drum and Bass and Dubstep. Jose “Skydrop” is displayed in the future as one of the most recognized artists and entrepreneurs worldwide.

Ellen’s Heart and Soul is also now collecting new and used iPods to be placed in treatment centers for men and women to use all around New England. If you have a used or new iPod that you would wish to donate, or would like to plan an iPod drive  at your school, business or in your local area please contact us at Ellen’s Heart and Soul!


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