Our Mission

Ellen’s Heart and Soul is a 501c3 non-profit organization devoted to helping promote healthy living, relaxation and excitement in the hearts and souls of men and women with life threatening diseases.

Our support is offered through multiple channels currently including  Music for the Heart and Soul & Meals for the Heart and Soul.

 Music for the Heart and Soul is one of our initiatives offering healing and relaxing music for patients as they battle against their diseases. Through Ellen’s Heart and Soul’s online media player and donated iPods EHS has been able to lead the attack on life threatening diseases through the power of music. Ellen’s Heart and Soul has continued to reach its goal of making  mixes and playlists available for men and  women through out there fight.

Meals for the Heart and Soul provides men, women and children who have been affected by life threatening disease and their families with healthy organic food during the summer months. Our goal is to offer help to  patients and their families well teaching them the importance of eating fresh and organic vegetables.

Ellen’s Heart and Soul was founded by Andrew Leavitt in honor of his mother, Ellen, who passed away in 2004 after a long battle with breast cancer. Learn more about the story behind EHS in Ellen’s Story.

Donations and Sponsorships are tax deductible and receipts will be emailed to you upon donation. Find out how you can help at Help Now. Thank you for your support!


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